If you would like to host PEAT Processor’s Training Course

If you would like to host PEAT Processor’s Training Course in the future, please email Zivorad Slavinski at Zivorad M. Slavinski

Hosting a PEAT Processor’s Training Course
(Questions and Answers)

Do I have to arrange for location and facilities?
Yes. But I’m very informal: your house or someone else’s house is fine. It just have to have a room big enough for between 14 and 32 participants for 3-day PEAT Processors Training. For other workshops there is no upper limit. We can limit enrolment if we need to fit the space.

Since this is a minimum cost workshop with a small group, a hotel conference room would probably be too large and expensive. If it is necessary to rent space, the cost for this will come out of the fee paid by participants, but you need to handle all the details of arranging this.

What equipment do you need to do the training? Will I need an overhead projector, whiteboard or computer projector?

Participants just need to bring notebooks, a pencil and my two books “PEAT Manual” and my new book “The Return to Oneness”. I will need a flip chart stand and paper.

I love to video the training if possible. If you can find someone with that skill to volunteer, that would be great, but this is not necessary.

Will participants be paying you directly, or do you want me to organize the money as well?
I would prefer for you to organize the money as well. Thus, you’ve got a handle on expenses and so on. We need enough cash to get the plane tickets – that’s about it. You should ask would-be participants to pay 50% in advance with MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED Checks.

Is there a brochure I can hand out or mail to interested people?

I refer most people to my website (http://www.spiritual-technology.com), for more information.

As I said, they need my books “PEAT Manual” and “The Return to Oneness”. They can buy them at any of these two e-mail addresses:

vladimir@arelena.com and sales@peat.ws

These books are practical Manuals which can change your personality, your life, your destiny.

What does the class offer that isn’t in the PEAT book?
First, personal instruction makes learning this material a LOT easier. That way one avoids many mistakes. People receive individual attention, a lot of reinforcement, answers to their questions, and quizzes to reinforce the basic material. During the practical exercises they experience healing of at least a couple of their hard core or permanent emotional problems.

I also teach new advanced techniques not available from the PEAT Manual because I developed them after publishing the book.

Neutralization of Primordial Polarities (or Primes for short).
The major benefit is that they become trained PEAT Processors thus they are able to professionally process other people. Also, the majority of participants get their Primordial Polarities Neutralized and so they become free from their most fundamental, unconscious and compulsive game of life.

Who would you recommend take the class?
It’s for practising professional therapists as well as interested lay people. It’s particularly useful for people who know and use energy therapies, as their beliefs about healing have already shifted and have realized the limitations with existing techniques from having clients they couldn’t help that way.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

12 – 14 paying participants is the minimum, and 32 is the maximum for 3-day Processors training.
For other workshops the upper number is unlimited.

What if the people who call have questions I can’t answer?
Feel free to have them phone me
(Zivorad Slavinski from Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
at: ++ 381 11 27 51 518
or, even better e-mail me at: Zivorad M. Slavinski

Will there be a certificate of completion?
Yes, these will be handed out on the last day of the training.

Will you issue a receipt or should I?

I would like you to take care of collecting the fees and so it would be appropriate if you can give receipts as well for the deposits and the final payments.

What do the participants need to bring?
Lunches for each day, unless they want to eat outside.

Two Manuals (“PEAT Manual” & “The Return to Oneness”), notebooks and pens to write with.

How long is each class?

We start at 9 AM and go to 6 PM each day. If they can, it’s a lot of fun to go out after class each day to a restaurant to get to know each other and bond better as a group. A lot of material is covered during relaxed conversation.

What about sleeping arrangements?
You need to find a place to have me and my wife sleep. A small room at your or anyone’s house is fine. You need to find an inexpensive hotel for out of town participants with a phone number so they can make reservations (make sure they know THEY need to make them), or crash space in your home is also nice. Let them know how much the rooms are.

What do I, as an organizer get?
You get free training and processing and 25% of the netto money earned from that course, after the reduction of expenses.