New breakthrough in Spiritual evolution!


Systems and methods of Spiritual Technology are very much like instruments and methods of computer informatics – they become more and more rapid and efficient. Until one experience Transcendence system or Spiritual Alchemy one can not believe that such simplicity, efficiency and speed are possible. One of the first which experienced Transcendence, Vladimir Stojakovic wrote: “Half of the time of the course I spent in wonder – how is it possible?”

This system is founded on strictly and literally applied principles of Spiritual Technology. You will understand, first time in your life, the truth of words of K. G. Jung: “Symbol is the psychological machine which transforms the energy”. You will learn how to use these machines for the alchemical transformation of all problems into positive states and ecstasy and you will be able to transform, simply and quickly, the screenplay of your life into happy experiences. Yes, the book of your life will become the book of clear consciousness and happiness.

Transcendence or Spiritual Alchemy transcends everything what you experienced so far in any method or teaching:

  • Fingertip method for instantaneous removing of heavy traumas.
  • Fingertip method for elimination of hard longstanding  emotional and psychological problems.
  • Method East-West.
  • Method of “a happy memory”.
  • Elimination of problems with “breaking of the time”.
  • Realization of One-ness with the Creative Power of Universe.
  • The power of symbol as a psychological machine and human consciousness.
  • Two methods for the realization of goals: Concentration and emotional separation.
  • Visualization of goals through manifestation in plastelin.
  • Application of symbols as Elements of Transformation.
  • List of hermetic and occult symbols which we use in Spiritual Alchemy.
  • The secret of Pineal gland breathing – creating the bridge between psyche and matter.
  • Creation of desired personality: methods of triangle and pentagram.

Zoran, one of participants on first Zivorad’s Transcendence workshop in Zagreb, Croatia, wrote on Internet:
“On that second day Zivo told us that we are about to experience the transformational power of Symbols. Since I’m familiar with the books of CG Jung and work with the Tarot on regular basis, I thought that this would just be a matter of broadening and deepening my knowledge.But it was a mistake. When we start with exercises, my amazement was complete. First, participants experienced ‘basic procedure’ which is designed to transform traumatic experiences. This was huge surprise for all of us. The process is so smooth and elegant that it will leave all who experience  it, amazed & speechless. Later, when we learned to apply it on our goals for the future, my shock was even deeper. I really could feel ‘in my bones’ that my goal would be reached just the way I wanted it to be! Around me, the people were glowing with inner delight that was so visible!”

There are many reports like this. You should experience this miraculous system to believe it.

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