“Me”, “I”, “Myself” and Void

One of crucial stages in one’s Spiritual evolution is Gnostic Experience on the question (koan) “Who am I?” When given such question, so called “enlighten people” always give one answer with different verbal variations, essence being “I am myself”. Till a few years ago I would completely agree with such answer and nothing other then it. Now, I have to add something to it. Let mer explain.

The best possible way and the quickest one to have a Direct Experience of who you are (or Enlightement) is Gnostic Intensive. After participants empty their mind stuff (or chitta in yoga terminology), on Master’s question “Tell me who you are?” they always give one substantially same answer, although verbalizations could vary a bit: “Me”, “I am me!”, “I am I”, “I am myself”, “I am this man speaking to you” …etc, but most often it is just “Me”!

Realizations on other koans or questions vary a lot, but on the first question it is always “Me”, that is, it is always that answer if the person has had Direct Experience of Truth on the question “Who am I?” I emphasize this because people give very often answers which are not result of Direct Experience of Truth, but INDIRECT experience. Such answers are generally true, but all such answers are fouded on the processes: intelectual, emotional, spiritual or any other kind. Direct Expereince of Truth is alway just that, DIRECT, there is no any process in it – Object and Subject become ONE.

So, for a long time (almost 20 years) I and people around me use to check someone’s level of spiritual development just asking that simple question: “Tell me who you are!” It was amazing how many people, which had a high reputation in spiritual circles gave “wrong” answers, founded on intelectual process or some other kind of learned answer : “I am the Being of Light”, “I am fallen angel”, “I am Atman”, “I am Thetan” etc.

But since a few year ago, when I developed Sunyata system, my experience is different. By the way, beside Sunyata there are a couple of similar systems, but they demand much more time. For example, Douglas Harding’s course needs few whole days, and Stephen Wolinsky’s Quantum Consciousness Seminar needs about 14 days. Sunyata course lasts about 4-5 hours.

In the beggining of the Sunyata course participants point with their forefingers to their heads and ask themselves: “Who is this?” The answer which experienced people give is always the same: ME. But at the end of that course, which consists of exercises for leading participants step by step into the pure Static state (or state of Oneness, Tao…etc), when we repeat that exercise and participants point once more to their heads, on the question “Who is this?” participant usually crack up into histeric laughter. They have experience that there is no one there.

If you ask them more detailed answer, they will tell you: There is no ME at all. It just Empriness (Void) becomes conscious of Itself.

Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski

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