Levels of consciousness and efficiency of processing

Efficiency is an idea common to all systems of psychotherapeutic, psychological and spiritual processing. It’s natural to create quicker, easier and simpler systems and methods.

There are several elements of such activities. One, a bit neglected, is that of a hierarchy of levels of consciousness or experience to work from.

That idea comes from ancient traditional systems of the Perennial Philosophy, but every now and then we “invent” the idea again.

In essence, it is this simple piece of practical knowledge: the higher the level of consciousness you are processing an unwanted state from (or creating a new wanted state), the more efficient your process is!

The Kaballah openly speaks of this. On the ‘Tree of Life’, there are ten Sefira, mainly representing the levels of consciousness. Beyond the highest (Kether) there is a Void or Ain Soph Aur or Endless Light. Everything coming into existence comes from it and on passing through the ten Sefira finally comes to physical manifestation — Malkuth. For efficient structure one has always to start with Void or Limitless Light.

Magic teaches its followers this simple rule: for stable creation you must invite an Intelligence governing that sphere of activity. When you work with an appropriate Cosmic Intelligence, you soon discover it to be under the dominance of some Higher Intelligence. Then you invite that, and soon discover an even higher one exists. So, step-by-step you approach an Almighty Creator (or Endless Light) as strongest source and from Its point of view you have most permanent results.

Speaking of magical combat, Dion Fortune says that in such a conflict the magician who is acting from the higher level of consciousness always wins.

NLP speaks about it as a hierarchy of logical levels, and emphasizes the importance of “rising through the levels”. NLP exponents took it perhaps from Gregory Bateson, who simply said ‘higher levels dominate lower’.

In systems I created, covered by the term Spiritual Technology, one can see this too. In my first system, Excalibur, when one applies the ‘First’ Method for the elimination of hardcore or resistant problems, one discreates one after another element of the problem. Starting with body sensations as the most crude, one goes to emotions, to mental elements (beliefs, preconceived ideas, judgements, excuses, efforts etc.) to get at last to the pure initial thought or decision. After discreating it, nothing remains but Void. And there is no problem, of course.

Perhaps it is easier to notice this in Aspectics: using the Chain Technique has a subject climb to higher and higher states of emotion and thought until finally entering the Void. A similar process occurs in Sunyata, as those who have tried it know quite well. And, of course, it is very, very evident in PEAT, although it could seem we move in the opposite direction (down instead of up), but such a distinction is arbitrary – one gets to the Void at last, which is the beginning and the end at the same time.

What is the practical application? Well, knowing it we are better equipped when we create new methods or perfect old ones.

The main element in such an approach is that we all are capable of self- reflection, i.e. we don’t stay in our negative thoughts, when we think about it; or we’re not stuck in negative emotion, but we have a new emotion about an old negative one.



Is it possible to neutralize Primes from a meta-position? I.e., identifying with another and doing the process from another’s point of view.

Here are two ways we can do it:

1. Surrogate processing and
2.Multiple point-of-view or “merry-go-around” processing, circular processing.

In surrogate processing a processor always does it for a client, a friend, relative or any being needing help (even pets and plants). The Processor identifies with the subject, feels as the subject feels and does the process for the subject, sometimes with surprising success. Whatever happens, it is the Processor’s experience, but the consequences are the client’s. E.g., a child has a high fever and you do a surrogate process for the child. Suppose you come to the pleroma state or to neutralization of some polarities. The high fever usually vanishes or lessens, but the experience belongs to the ONE WHO IS CONSCIOUS OF THE PROCESS, i.e., to you, the Processor.

In circular or multiple point-of-view processing a person takes different points of view toward the same problem. Suppose you have a bad relationship with your father. You clear the first position (or “I” position) but the problem comes back. To have a really completed or integrated processing you must process ALL RELEVANT POINTS OF VIEW (see Zivorad’s PEAT manual).

Suppose you work from father’s position and end the process with neutralization of some polarities. Suppose that father never had any processing, so these polarities are his first neutralized polarities. Are these polarities father’s Primes, his Primordial Polarities? They are not, of course! If you’ve not had your primes Neutralized they are yours, which you got on this meta-position, using father as a vehicle. It could happen — very, very rarely. If you already have your Primes neutralized, these are just another pair of your neutralized polarities. The results of such an event will show up on first position (that means, in you) at once, but usually they’ll show up as well in father, in some change in his behaviour.

Remember: you created that viewpoint (father). Subjectively, father usually has a quite different opinion of himself. Again, who is conscious of the result of the process? You, of course, although consequences could and should show up on other points of view. And they are all yours.

In one PEAT Processor’s training workshop in Belgrade, one man insisted that, doing circular processing, he neutralized the Primes of his wife.

They were heading for divorce and he did process from her point of view as well. The man said their dog also suffered because of their fights. So that man did the process from the dog’s point of view as well and got to the Pleroma state. Zivorad asked him: “What would happen if you got to the neutralization of polarities while doing the PEAT process on the dog? You mean, they would be the dog’s Primes?” The man just laughed and said, “Now I understand.”

So, when your clients ask the same question of you, say they could do surrogate and circular processing not only on humans, but also on pets and plants as well. Could pets and plants experience Primes neutralization ? In this period of evolution, no. Maybe in the future.

I hope this helps.


Alda (Jadranka)

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