PEAT circular processing

From time to time some people ask, is it possible to neutralize Primes on meta position, that is identifying with another and doing process from another’s point of view.

There are two ways we can do it: 1. Surrogate processing and
2. Multiple point-of-view or “merry-go-around” processing or circular processing.

In surrogate processing a processor always does it for a client, a friend, relative or any being who needs help (even pets and plants). The processor first identifies with the the subject, feeling as the subject feels and does the process for the subject, sometimes with a surprising success. Whatever happens it is his or her (processor’s) experience, but the consequences are client’s. For example, a child has a high fever and you do surrogate processing for the child. Suppose you come to the pleroma state or to neutralization of some polarities. As a consequence, the high fever usually vanishes or drops. The experience belongs to the ONE WHO IS CONSCIOUS OF THE PROCESS, that is to you, the processor while the benefit is to the child who had the fever.

In circular or multiple point-of-view processing a person takes different points of view toward the same problem. Suppose you have a bad relationship with your father. You clear the first position (or “I” position) but the problem comes back. To have a really complete or integral processing you must process ALL RELEVANT POINTS OF VIEW (see Zivorad’s PEAT manual). Suppose, you work from the father’s position and you end the process with neutralization of some polarities. Suppose that father never had any processing, so these polarities are his first neutralized polarities. The question is: Are these polarities the father’s Primes, his Primordial Polarities? They are not, of course! If you did not have your primes Neutralized they are yours, which you got just on meta position, using the father as a vehicle. It could happen very, very rarely. If you already had your Primes neutralized, these are just another pair of your neutralized polarities. The results of such an event will show up on the first position (that means, in you) at once, but usually they will also show up in the father, in a change of his behavior. Don’t forget that you created that view point (father). Subjectively, father usually has a quite different opinion about himself. Again, who is conscious about the result of that process? You of course, although the consequences could and should show up on other points of view. By the way, they are all yours!!!

On one PEAT processor’s training workshop in Belgrade, one man insisted that, doing circular processing, he neutralized the Primes of his wife. They had a problem with their divorce and he did processing from her point of view as well. The man said that their dog also suffered because of their fights.So he did processing from the dog’s point of view as well and got to the Pleroma state.

Then Zivorad asked him: “What would happen if you got to the neutralization of polarities while doing PEAT process on the dog? You mean, they would be the dog’s Primes?” The man just laughed and said “Now I understand.”

So, when your clients ask the same question to you, tell them that they could do surrogate and circular processing not only on humans, but on pets and plants as well. Could pets and plants experience Primes neutralization ? In this period of evolution they can not. May be in the future.

I hope this helps.


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