Spiritual development and permanency of our wins

One idea weaves like a thread throughout all systems of psychological and spiritual development: How to achieve permanent results? Is it possible to maintain our wins, without losing them after a period of time?

A great majority of system originators make such claims. Their systems of development, they tell us, give permanent results: Good feelings, positive attitudes toward life, ability to cope with problems, higher levels of understanding of life and huge expansion of consciousness etc. The fact is they don’t. As the ancient Chinese Book of Change or I Ching taught humans thousands of years ago – only change is permanent.

I was stimulated to post this on our lists because recently one PEAT Processor asked me that ageless question: How do I anchor a Pleroma state, to make satisfaction and happiness of his clients permanent?

The fact is that permanency and development are mutually exclusive ideas. With many systems you can get relatively permanent states. But if you wish to continue developing, spreading into new dimensions, spaces and dynamisms, you encounter new problems and your previous satisfaction and happiness disappear.

There was a long period of time when I and a group of my associates practiced Gnostic Intensive. We considered it to be the deepest and most valuable method of spiritual development. Gnosis, Enlightenment or Direct Experiences of Truth which we used to get were wonderful, deep and All-embracing. But they were not permanent. After some time they would become more and more pale and would loose their power. After about 10 years of hard struggle we finally made a breakthrough – we entered a stable state of consciousness or Meuna (in Algolic or cosmic language it means “I am one”). Such Meuna states of being always was that which it was, another was always another, life was life, God was God.

After entering Meuna, we seemed to be unable to do any spiritual or psychological developmental work. There was no point in putting any effort, to struggle, to fight for anything. Everything was given as it should have been. We were driven by the huge river of life and it was ridiculous to make any effort to change it, to swim left or right or to stop it.

I had a deep insight about my life. The whole of life I have been trying to discover the true or correct way of living. Finally, when in my 53rd year I discovered it, it was exactly the way of life I have been already living.

Problems lost their sharpness. If you got sick, well…it was an unseparable part of life and you would have to accept it without much resistance. If you were without money, it was evident you were not going to die, you would go on living anyway.

We felt we came to the end. It was really the end of game. There were no problems, but also no challenges; no defeats but no victories as well. That state lasted about a year and a half.

At the end of that period I noticed a phenomenon which I call a “spiritual itch”. You would become uneasy and would start looking for a new game. True, you were empty, stable and out of problems,but you would have noticed that other beings around you were not. And their problems became your problems. It was as simple as that! I did not care very much about my pneumonia, but I deeply cared about some hungry and dying children in Africa. I would get tears in my eyes watching a dog with a broken leg on the street. Friends use to tell me: “Is it good to be so sensitive? Mind your own business.You have a good life, you don’t have any real problem.” But their advice was in vain. Perhaps hunger was the problem of African children, but it was my problem for sure!

So, you see, you can attain some relatively stable higher states, but after that, if you want to continue expanding into new spheres and dimensions, you start to experience other beings’problems as yours, because with expansion of your being you embrace them. You are them and they are you.

If you would for a time repeatedly anchor a Pleroma state, you would surely prevent and stop the expansion of your own being and return to your spiritual home land.

Expansion and ascension of Being is only one side of the coin, the other is confronting new dimensions and worlds, which brings new obstacles, difficulties and problems. Then we create new systems to cope with them and so we continue our own advancement and development.

Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski

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