Vladimir’s story

Hello All,

Please, don’t feel dejected by the length of this message. Having in mind most of what you have written on this list so far, I believe the contents of this message will be of relevance to you.

My name is Vladimir Stojakovic. I am 29 years of age. Since August 1997, I live in Sydney, Australia. My background is Serbian i.e. Yugoslavian. During the last 11 years, I’ve done almost every one of the systems Zivorad has created so far. The goal of this message is to draw your attention to at least one of them. Its name is Aspectics, Gnosis of the Fourth Dimension. The first part of the message is a short summary of my experience with Aspectics, while the second part is shortened info material that I used to send to people who were interested in it. Unfortunately, to present all exciting experiences I had with Aspectics would require much more than an email message, so I’ll try to be concise and to the point.

In October 1995, I already had a considerable amount of experience in practicing the different systems of Spiritual Development (SD), on myself and other people as well. Lots and lots of hours in processing GPMs, and what was more important to me, I successfully participated in a number of Gnostic Intensives including one that lasted 14 days. At that time, I was often asking myself – how much progress in SD will I be able to achieve in this lifetime? Life of a Spiritual aspirant is everything but easy. The progress was there, but not fast enough for me. My life has pretty much changed after the 14 days Intensive. Now, Gnostic Intensive is an extremely valuable system of Spiritual Development. It allows a completely inexperienced person to attain Direct Experience of Truth. Today, it lasts only one day, and has a much higher success rate. But, 14 days Intensive brings a big change to one’s mind and personality and it takes time to stop resisting those changes which are essentially positive, and start enjoying theirs benefits. This is how Charles Berner, an ex scientologist, the one who created Enlightenment Intensive which is the predecessor of Gnostic Intensive, answered the following question.

-What will my life be like after a long Intensive?

-Your life will be closer to Truth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your life will be good.

At that point I understood this statement quite well. By pushing to experience

Truth I destroyed many lies within myself and became too sensitive to the everyday world.

I destroyed defence mechanisms, which are in fact lies fabricators that help us to distort reality we are not able to handle right now. And Spiritual Path requires confronting, understanding and duplicating, not distorting and suppressing. The long Intensive opened my Pandora’s box.

Don’t get me wrong. I never regretted I attended the long Intensive. On the contrary. I just needed a better tool to deal with all the suppressed emotional charging that emerged after the Intensive and to continue my development.

Around that time there was a rumour within the Yugo Gnostic community that Zivorad is just about to introduce a new system that will be much more efficient than anything else before. One evening I received a phone call from a friend. He told me that he had just completed the new system and told me to get to his place because he wanted to do the process with me. I got there straight away. The process lasted 5 to 10 minutes. I could not believe what happened to me. After no longer than 10 minutes, my problem vanished, and I entered the state of wide emptiness.

I went back home and booked in for the next Aspectics course.

The course lasted one day, 8 hours. From that day on, I started practising Aspectics every day, for hours. I could not stop myself. Significant achievements started to take place. Very soon I crossed the ABYSS. That was something I only ever read about. It takes years for practitioners of other system to cross the Abyss. Basically, a centre around the plexus or chest falls apart and you stop experiencing yourself as a material being. Soon after that I achieved the state named MEUNA. It took 10 years or more to many Yugo Gnostics to achieve that state. Since than, the situation has changed, because we have better systems and previous aspirants cleared the path for us.

However, achieving MEUNA so easy, fast and painless was something that I have never expected.

I continued to work. Past lives, or should I say past existences were emerging all the time. Lives on this planet, lives in forms other than human, between lives, lives on other planets, travelling between planets…It seemed I passed through a whole cosmic odyssey in such a short time. I remembered implantation and many events related to it, although I did not understand it clearly until I read the books Aspectics from Zivorad and The Pied Pipers of Heaven from L.Kin.

Allow me a little digression at this point. One morning in 1992 I woke up without Ego, reactive mind, subconsciousness, call it what you wish. For one moment in time I was in the state which is THE goal of every religion and every Spiritual system ever appeared on this planet. Total Enlightenment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t permanent for me. When I experienced that state, in the very next moment, involuntarily, I pulled my Ego back on me. I knew exactly where my Ego was. It was floating above me, to the right. In the next moment I even felt happiness that I had “myself” back again. Terrifyingly stupid, but human. I reacted as a person who wakes up naked in front of a group of people. I was not ready for that state. Even though I had some experience in SD, and a few Direct Experiences of Truth, reached on Intensives, it wasn’t clear to me what really happened. For a few moments after that experience I was able to feal my reactive mind as substance of low density. Almost physical. After this event, I kept progressing on my Spiritual Path without real insight about what happened that morning. Up until Aspectics brought me the clarification. After a few hundred Aspectics processes I had two significant insights. First I realised what happened that morning, and second, I realised that with Aspectics it is possible to reach that state! To reach Permanent Enlightenment. I believe many will disagree with me on this one. We are yet to see. Anyway, when I realised that it is possible to reach the end state with Aspecics, I pushed myself even harder.

Now, let’s go back to my experiences with Aspectics. Very soon after hundreds of past lives began to emerge, the moment has come when I knew that I cleared up all of them.

I continued to work. At one moment the high centres of identification started to fall apart. They were physically located somewhere in areas of chakras but projected further ahead, outside of my physical body. The crossing of Abyss represented the dead of myself as a material being, while every time when some high centre of identification fell apart, I experienced that as death of my Spiritual being. It was pretty terrifying while it was going on, but after it I had realisation “I am Emptiness” every time, and every time I felt great relief and a higher degree of freedom.

I continued to work. Aspectics deals with aspects of human personality or the reactive mind. Whatever. That’s where the name comes from. In the beginning you deal with aspects (problems, unwanted states) that are considerably big parts of YOU. As you progress an interesting phenomenon happens. You become much better integrated and while before you had a lot of independent aspects, now you have only one. Soon I felt a moment when only one aspect remained. I was quiet good integrated. The decisions that I brought millions of years ago started to emerge. For instance, a decision to experience myself through other beings. In one moment I uncovered the following decision:” to partition the self from the unself in order to have experiences”. The moment I brought this decision, eons ago, was actually the moment when I manifested myself in this universe (MEST) for the first time. After the integration of this decision it seemed that I reached “some end”, that I finished some cycle. My ego was pretty transparent. As a matter of fact I have finished a certain cycle.

In the state of MEUNA your realisation is “I am I”. You do not have other fake identities (happy person, son, doctor, killer or whatever) but “I am I” is also a fake identification. As you progress you get into the state when your realisation is “I am Emptiness”. But this is also fake. The next step is when you close your eyes, take a look at yourself and you can’t say, “I am emptiness” because there is nothing and no one to be empty. When roman procurator Pontius Pilate asked Jesus “What is Truth”, Jesus replied by silence. And that was THE answer.

Up to that moment I had a feeling that I uncreated the whole universe. As a matter of fact, that was true. I uncreated the copy of the whole universe that I was building up for millions of years within myself. I cannot describe everything that came up during my work, but I can definitely say – it was exciting, liberating, existential, essential, dramatic, fulfilling, it was the most important task that an Atman or Tetan can ever undertake.

Now, here is a pretty interesting fact:

I achieved everything of the above in ONE year!

Aspectics gave me something that I did not dare to even think of just a year ago. I should point out that during that year I was practising Aspectics very very very much. That’s a fact. But it is also a fact that I have never heard of anyone who achieved that much during only one year, regardless of the system they practised.

After that point I could not apply Aspectics any more, because there was nothing to apply it on. At that time, a different period of my work began, and it’s pretty difficult for me to clearly explain in English what kind of work that was.

We have all heard many times how people say that our Ego is actually material substance, but we never really think about it like that. For instance, would you expect the following: you move your head in a certain direction and you feel at the same time how your reactive mind physically resists…or…you bend your neck in a certain direction and you feel like you’re bending something else as well, some substance similar to rubber or soft plastic? Would you believe that we are wrapped up in our reactive minds, and they are actually made of substance, which you can stretch with certain movements, and even destroy it bit by bit, by repeating those movements?

Well, I don’t know about you, but that actually happened to me. I cannot say that this would happen to every one doing Aspectics, but it definitely happened to me. At that time I had a feeling that by doing Aspectics that much, I got rid of all the contents of my reactive mind, and now I have to deal with the container itself. It felt like the “container” got pretty loose and I was able to separate it from by physical body up to the certain degree.

And I continued to work. By doing those movements I was able to hear how my reactive mind stretches, how I ‘m tearing it off and breaking it off bit by bit. In the beginning it was quite difficult. I even got two diagonal scratches on my neck, starting from my ears toward the spine. They appeared as a result of friction between my physical body (neck) and my reactive mind, if I could call it like that in this instance. But the progress was there. I could have noticed it because my experience of life and myself was still changing, and the physical resistance of my “reactive mind” was reducing. Actually, progress was slow, but I could not make it faster.

In 1997 I moved to Australia. Due to a different way of life and my obligations (marriage and business) I could not “work:” as much as before. But I am still progressing. I still have a way to go on my Spiritual Path and I keep up as much as I can.

So let’s conclude:

Besides PEAT there are other extremely efficient system Zivorad has created. I mentioned two of them. Gnostic Intensive and Aspectics, Gnosis of the fourth dimension. The Goal of Gnostic Intensive is the Direct Experience of Truth, and that is its only goal. The goal of Aspectics is to eliminate the chronic problems and to gradually eliminate the reactive mind (this is how I see it).

With this message I wasn’t going to express anyone else’s opinions but my own.

The continuation of this message is info material regarding Aspectics that will give you more technical data. I removed many parts irrelevant to you.

Good luck on your Spiritual Journey!


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