Sead and Danijela

It’s been a week since we got back home to Sweden after the amazing Transcendence and Escape From the Matrix workshop that took place in Oslo! Oh God I can’t even explain by the words what we have gone through and that is even better and more powerful when it’s indescribable.

Strange things happened when we got back home. Everything was even physically changed already. We have found a giant mirror broken into pieces – which were done by our cat while we were absent, which had never happened before. Speaking of mirror, I remember that on the Workshop we did a technique called “Magical Mirror: the integration of the shadow” in Oslo 🙂 Our lives ! were changed dramatically and that what we were before the Workshop was also broken into pieces after the Workshop. Unbelievable energy! There is no coincidence – too many things are evident! We have felt the life energy flowing throughout our whole bodies from the very beginning – from the first day of the Workshop, and it was unbelievable and so real that no one can deny it. Call it Prana, call it Chi, call it life energy or call it whatever you want to call it, but you cannot deny it and that’s for sure.

I have visited a higher dimensions and have found a lot of answers to my questions. It’s not needed when you escaping from the Matrix, to see exactly your own face , but the energy what did you feel it is more important. The energy is you and you gonna feel familiar with yourself 🙂 Recognizing the energy brings you to a higher dimension and parallel self! Don’t hesitate to free and feel yourselves!

I and my girlfriend were together at the Workshop and we are still under the influence of that energy which seems to be the neverending journey 🙂 My girfriend visited a lot of psychologists before the Workshop because of among other things, she had a diagnose ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which exist as a lot of different types, depression, problems with the parents and she learned to live with all that without a single problem to manage things. Charge between polarities are gone forever! She visited a psychologist some day ago and psychologist couldn’t find anything wrong with her 🙂 She was surprise and curious what hapened to her patient and Danny’s answer was “It’s empty, i can’t feel it no more, i’m doing all right”.


Sead and Daniella

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