Darija Sunjo

I will do my best here to describe my experience with meeting my parallel self. It was quite fast and easy. Right after entering the emptiness (though “entering” is not really an appropriate expression, I’d say), I saw a light on the left side (later on I realized this position has a very precise meaning for me). I came closer to it, and I just knew it-there was no doubt, it was me. As simple as that. When I changed my viewpoint, and looked at myself from my parallel self, I felt like this was what I’ve been waiting for my entire life. It was very emotional, I cried.

Perhaps, the most interesting part of the experience for you could be the fact that when I changed the point of view, and took the point of view of my parallel self, I knew precisely when the separation happened, and why. I couldn’t verbalize it then, nor I could do it now, because I received the information in the form of some sort of a picture. Like a rememberance of the moment when I made a certain decision, and that decision lead to the separation instantly.

The entire process didn’t last more than 5-8min, I think. It was very profound. Though I have good experiences with many of his techniques, and it has been always very easy for me to them, I believe it was Zivorad’s emotional openness that helped me go through this experience in such gentle, but direct way.

Interestingly, as Zivorad said, I was not the only person in the group that has had such a profound experience. The friend that I’ve processed on the seminar has also had very emotional reaction, and many other participants claimed having amazing experiences. For some of them the integration happened instantly, they didn’t even manage to change the viewpoint.

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