About Gnostic Intensive and Direct Experience of Truth (Enlightenment)

Corresponding with me on the Ivy-List of Independent Scn, well known processor John Mace wrote: “My own research and experience indicates that it is ALWAYS the discharge of blocked energy which leads to moments of truth. It is not the moment of truth which leads to the unblocking of negative energy as the your words imply, but the reverse; unblocking or dissipating negative energy ALWAYS comes first…”

In a way I agree with John Mace, but there are exceptions. My ideas about Direct Experience (DE) are founded on my 20 years of leading Gnostic Intensives. I lead more than 120 of them, trained a lot of Masters (Processors) etc. What I found out is this: There are two main ways one gets to DE: through catharsis with a lot of energetic discharge (the way of the Serpent) and the calm way, without noticeable energetic phenomena (the way of the Dove). This second way resembles a snowflake falling. There is evident an acceleration of Spiritual development; thus on my Gnostic Intensives I am getting now more and more often participants who obtain DE in everyday circumstances (“One day I was sitting and listening music. Suddenly, a strange thing happened – I was I !!!”)

In the old type of Gnostic Intensive, the cathartic way of getting DE was far more frequent. But now it is not any more. As a matter of fact, Participants dissipate energy blocks, but it happens bit by bit, almost impossible to notice.

Perhaps readers would like to know something about the history of the Gnostic Intensive. Its predecessor was the Enlightenment Intensive created by ex-scientologist Charles (Chack) Berner. He left Ron Hubbard and in 1968 created that method as a fruitful combination of scientological communication and meditation on 4 basic Koans: “Who am I?”, “What am I ?”, “What is life?” and “What is another?”

It lasted 3 days and 3 nights, 18 hours a day (about 40 dyads or exercises in pairs). About 30 % of participants used to obtain DE.

I obtained my first Enlightenment in Berner’s ashram in St. Helena, California in 1980 and brought that method to Yugoslavia. For more than 10 year I did not change anything. But I strained my mind very much thinking how to perfect it and introduced some minor improvements.

All those years I kept in my mind Ron Hubbard’s words which I read somewhere: “This is a bipolar universe”.

And couple of years ago I had a funny experience. Passing by a garden on the outskirts of Belgrade I noticed two men trying to bring down a large wooden pillar. Its lower part was buried deeply in the ground. They swung it left and right, forward and backward and in about 5 minutes brought it down. An idea came to my mind: “How long time would they need if they tried to do it by pushing that pillar in only one direction? Much, much more. Hours or maybe days.” In that moment I had a valuable cognition and the whole idea of a new, more efficient Gnostic Intensive with the “Alternating Technique”. I went home, called my family members and some friends and the next day I created a new kind of Intensive. I was right. The New Alternating Technique was extremely fast. Now instead of 40 dyads and many rigid rules for Participants, it lasts only 5 dyads and a participant can drink coffee, eat whatever they want etc. which before was forbidden.

What is most important, about 70-80% of Participants obtain Enlightenment in these 5 dyads.

In creating my Gnostic Intensive I am really grateful to Ron Hubbard and of course to Charles Berner. To get back to Direct Experience of Truth, the reason that the Gnostic Intensive gets such quick results lies in the extremely quick dissipation of mind stuff. After only 2 or 3 dyads participants are in state of empty consciousness and then it is easy to get DE. Discharge of energy happens bit by bit and it is the way of the Dove par excellence.

Direct Experience also sometimes happens during Polarities Neutralization in PEAT processing, but it is very rare. When one Neutralizes Primordial Polarities, one enters Static (Tao, Void, Quantum Vacuum…etc) and in such state there is no separation, there is just one, so there could not be any differences. Very often polarities vanish and a client just says – “There are no polarities, there is nothing, there is only I”.

That is the reason I insist on the value of Neutralization of Primordial Polarities. Without it, there is no real freedom from them. One thing is to know which they are, and substantially another to be free from them.

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