Gnostic Intensive

In this day and age, the Gnostic Intensive workshop is the fastest way to obtain a state of enlightenment or a Direct Experience of Truth about Oneself, Another, Life, God….

What is Gnosis?
Gnosis or Enlightenment (Mystic Union) is The DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF TRUTH. It is the goal of all mystical, occult and initiative systems and teachings. It is The Holy Grail, The Stone of Wisdom, The Life Elixir… Its essence is the disappearance of differences between subject and object. They merge and become ONE. From that moment onwards, you as a human being are changed forever.

Why do we have to strain to achieve this? The reason is very simple. From early childhood to adulthood, we only have indirect experiences. The main characteristic of indirect experiences is some process between a subject and an object. For example, you read this text; between the subject, that is you, and the object, that is this text, there is the process of reading, the process of seeing and the process of understanding.

When someone speaks to you, there is the process of listening and the process of understanding. That way you get the experience of what that person wants to convey to you.

When you watch a film or see a picture, there is the process of seeing as intermediary between you and that picture which is the object of your experience.

It would be very easy to be in Direct Experience of Truth all the time if we didn’t have our mind. Our mind is the only barrier to that. And the best definition of mind is this: The MIND is the totality of all our misunderstood experiences, our traumas, unpleasant experiences, unfinished cycles, un-communicated intentions and unfulfilled desires. As soon as we want to experience something, instead of Direct Experience of that something we get the contents of our mind reactivated.

For example, when we want to experience our self, when we have a question upon our mind such as “Who am I?”, instead of Direct Experience of our self, we get all things we learned from our parents and other members of our family, all the things we learned in school or read in books, all the things we heard from other people or learned from authorities…We get all kinds of indirect experiences.

Thus the only way to obtain Gnosis or Enlightenment or Direct Experience of Truth on the eternal question “Who am I” is to empty all the contents of our mind. When we attain that emptiness, Direct Experience of Truth happens spontaneously and naturally.

And the special technique of the Gnostic Intensive workshop does just that!

Historic development of techniques of Enlightenment
In ancient times, Enlightenment demanded the devotion of the whole life of a human being: severing all connections with everyday living and family, rejecting goals and ambitions. The best example is Buddha. He obtained Enlightenment after eight years of persistent meditation. His Enlightenment was all-inclusive, he had Direct Experience about himself, other human beings, life, everything…

Many centuries later, the Rinzai Zen school came into existence. They discovered that it was easier to get Direct Experience on one particular segment of reality than on the whole of life. Thus their followers meditated on particular Koans or questions and their Gnostic Experiences were narrower, but they were able to obtain Enlightenment quicker.

In traditional mystical schools they did not pay attention to the time needed to attain Gnosis or Enlightenment, because they considered time as an illusion anyway. But for us, people of the 21st century, the time needed to attain anything, even Direct Experience of Truth, is important.

So in the middle of the 20th century some people discovered that it is more efficient if people work in pairs and groups then individually. Two human beings would alternatively meditate and communicate with each other. The logic of this conclusion is very simple: when working in pairs, we have two consciousnesses against one unconsciousness. Others discovered that the most efficient method is a combination of meditation with communication, because such method empties the contents of the mind rapidly.

I applied such a technique 21 years ago in my first Intensives. They lasted three days and three nights, 18 hours of work each day. They demanded a lot of effort from participants but the rewards were worthwhile. About 30 % of participants were able to obtain the Gnostic Experience.

As time progressed, I did my best to shorten the period of Gnostic Intensive and to make it possible for a larger percentage of participants to obtain Direct Experience. After long experimentations and hard effort I had a creative breakthrough and now, I have created just what I wanted: the most efficient method of Enlightenment on this planet today: the Gnostic Intensive lasts less than one day and more than 90% of participants get Direct Experience of Truth!

After practicing the Gnostic Intensive people don’t have to change anything in their lives. They don’t have to go to monasteries, to caves in the Himalayas or to occult schools and organizations. After an Intensive they continue living as before. But now they are more conscious of themselves, of other Human Beings, of Life, God, etc.

The goal of the Gnostic Intensive
The only goal of a Gnostic Intensive is Gnosis, Enlightenment or Direct Experience of Truth. There are no other goals! Many people feel wonderful after an Intensive. But our goal is not to feel fine. Our goal is Direct Experience of Truth!

After an Intensive some people have better relationships with friends, partners and members of their family…Better relationships are OK, but that is not our primary goal. Our goal is Direct Experience of Truth!

Sometimes people experience telepathy, precognition or ecstasy…But such states are not our goal. Our goal is Direct Experience of Truth!

The most important consequence of the Gnostic Experience is this: From that moment onwards you as a being advance more rapidly in all systems of psychological and Spiritual teaching, meditation and self-development. Why? For the first time you will have the stable point of consciousness inside you. Now when you meditate, you learn and teach others. Before that Experience, maybe it was your desire to look good in other people’s eyes, or you had feelings of inferiority.

Gnosis will enable you to experience life as a continuous journey to love, fulfillment, creativity and peace; you will bring light into the dark parts of yourself. You will be able to make decisions yourself and not follow the blind forces inside you, which you are unconscious of.

The technique of the Gnostic Intensive will enable you to experience Direct Experience on questions such as

* Who am I?
* What am I?
* What life is? and
* What is Another?

in less than one day.

Participants who have been on several Intensives will be able to enter the Stable State of Consciousness or MEUNA.

Thus, it is up to you.

* Who thinks about months, grows the grass.
* Who thinks about years, grows trees.
* Who thinks about centuries, builds temples.
* Who thinks about eternity, looks for the Truth.

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