Integral Excalibur

The basic idea of Integral Excalibur is that one has responsibility for creating the life one is living.

The basic idea of Integral Excalibur is that one has responsibility for creating the life one is living. That means that any experience we have – we either created or we participated with others in creating it, or we allowed others to create it for us.

The beginning of Spiritual maturity begins when we accept that we are responsible for the whole of our life. Then, and only then, are we able to discreate any unwanted state of mind, feeling etc. Every efficient system of Spiritual Technology must have a Formula for discreation of unwanted states of mind. Such Formulas are always based on the duplication of such states. When you are scared, it is useless to tell to yourself “I am not scared, I am brave!” That way you can only temporarily cover that feeling, but you can never uncreate it. In Excalibur, we do just the opposite. We expose ourselves as much as we can to that feeling of being scared, duplicating it, and only then does it vanish. After that, you are able to create the opposite, wanted and positive state or circumstance. You will learn the Excalibur-1 Formula in a short time, through a couple of simple exercises. You will be surprised how efficient it is and how easy it is to apply. Then you apply that Formula to several important components of your subjective universe: – Creating the positive characteristics of personality that you want. – Creating the body that you want and dissolving unwanted states of body.

Move through your internal blocks by eliminating negative emotions, beliefs and decisions that have been implanted in all of us since early childhood. Then you start working with identities that you accept in your communication with other people. Identities are like a mind cloth; you can’t swim if you are wearing a medival suit of armour. Excalibur helps you to automatically pick the best identity for any occasion. You are not limited to better only yourself; you can do a lot for other people as well – members of your family, children, friends, people you like etc. The crown of Excalibur is the resolution of hard, chronic, life-long problems. Its special Method -1 solves the problems that other systems can’t. It is really the miracle of our time. The end of Integral Excalibur is the so-called Final Process, which very often causes euphoria in the participant – they suddenly experience their true nature as Emptiness or Void.

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