Of all the miraculous systems of Spiritual Technology, Aspectics is the greatest miracle of all! It is a most revolutionary system that rapidly and effectively transforms any unwanted state.

Of all miraculous systems of Spiritual Technology, Aspectics is the greatest miracle of all! It is a most revolutionary system that rapidly and effectively transforms any unwanted state. This system is unique in that it teaches you an instantaneous and powerful process for changing your worst short-coming, fears, phobias and self-defeating behaviors into your best allies. Imagine the very things you most dislike about yourself becoming alchemical transformative gifts from God within. That’s ASPECTICS!

Discover in minutes how to use your limitations as a door to your deepest sense of True Self, connecting yourself and the rest of the universe.

Fundamentals Of Aspectics

Aspectics is a very easy and very efficient system for the elimination of unwanted emotional and psychological states. It’s also a very efficient method of Spiritual self-development and integration. It could be applied to all kind of Clients and to ourselves as well (so called solo processing).

There are 6 fundamental elements of Aspectics:

1. Working with aspects of personality
This is an operational basis of Aspectics. We work not with the whole of personality, (although the wholeness is our goal), but with aspects of our Being which have some kind of separate consciousness about their own goals, relationships with other aspects and the whole of our Being.

2. Positive direction and value of unwanted aspects
That means a significant insight that our short-coming, hang-ups, problems and unwanted states are not our enemies which we should put under control, defeat and subdue or eliminate from our life forever, but as faithful allies which bring to us most precious presents in keys to our freedom and Spiritual development.

3. Goal structure
For understanding and implementing of Aspectics you should know two substantial elements of a Goal Structure:

a. Present state of a person and
b. Goal the person wants to attain

Until the person gets his/her goal fulfilled, the person feels a tension. When the goal is attained, the goal structure disappears, tension vanishes and there is a short-lasting feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. The most important is an insight that the realization of a goal has as a result the disappearance of the goal structure.

4. Moving up the chain of higher goals
In the Chain Technique, which is the basis of ASPECTICS, we go up the chain of higher and higher goals up to the Highest Goal (Megistostelos). Oriental philosophy teaches us that everything in this manifested universe tends to the highest, that means tends to return to fundamental Source of Everything. That means that even our unwanted states want the same, Source of Everything. When one gets to that point (Void, Dynamic Emptiness, Quantum Vacuum… etc.), one gets the clear understanding that all previous goals on the Goal Chain one experienced as the final only because of a limitation in one’s perception.

5. Dynamic Emptiness (Void, Quantum Vacuum… etc.) as operational element of Aspectics process
Until now, in all systems of Oriental and Perennial Philosophy discussion of Void or Great Unmanifest were exclusively theoretical. Using this Void as an operational element of processing has been realized for the first time in Aspectics (at least, to my knowledge).

6. Goal realization in consciousness
The True Being or Atman could have his experiences in physical/social reality and in his/her own consciousness. That is the last element of Aspectics: Experiencing one’s own goals in one’s own consciousness. That way one can live through his/her experiences with the greatest speed. When a person realizes one of his/her goals in consciousness, he/she can go on to the next one. That way the Being moves up the Goal Chain with unprecedented speed until It gets the Highest Goal. Then the whole Goal Chain dissolves and together with him the unwanted state we started from. Speaking precisely, that unwanted state integrates with the Void as the Essence of one’s Being.

What does one gain with Aspectics?

There is probably no human being that does not desire to change something within itself or in its life. However, how many people do succeed in changing themselves? How much do the efforts vested from day to day actually yield results? We all know the answers to these questions. Why is this so? Because the people do not know HOW to change. There is a centuries-old prejudice present in all the countries of the world, that one should change by the power of their will, that this is the only and best way. The will means mainly suppression. Through suppressing not only can nothing change anything, but an utterly contrary effect is achieved! At the Aspectics course you will become acquainted with the laws of functioning of the human mind, which will clarify this to you, if it is not clear to you already. Through Aspectics you are given the possibility to change quickly and easily, faster than you have ever experienced in your life. Within a short time you eliminate the undesirable elements of your personal universe, which are often present for years, decades, or even drag their roots from the previous lives. You are given the chance with Aspectics to experience higher states of awareness about which you had only read in books of the Eastern Spiritual masters. To LIVE TO SEE the answer to the question WHO AM I, and to many other existential issues. To live in TRUTH and not in lies, illusions and suffering. Any changes a man can make within, he is actually making within his ego. Your TRUE BEING cannot change. It has always been as it is now, and always will. It was never born nor will it ever die. There is nothing in the human ego that cannot change, if you know HOW.

Take a look at extraordinary story of a man who practised Gnostic Intensive and Aspectics with a great persistence. See what life changing experiences he had just in one year.

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