I’m looking forwards practicing Sunyata again

Hello to everybody,

I’m a new PEAT Processor. My first training was in Namur, in April.

Now I’m just back from Belgrade, where I had a three days personal training with Zivorad. It was fantastic, I loved to work with him, and I appreciated everything he taught me, and his kindness, simplicity and sense of humor.

And I also had one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life, on saturday, with Sunyata. I still find a little bit difficult to come down to earth and into my body. Emptiness is still there, in me and around me, and now I understand what Zivorad told about one person who tries to go back to this experience all the time. I think I’ll do the same…!!!

And I’m looking forwards practicing Sunyata again, during the training Zivorad will give in November in Paris.



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