Spiritual technology workshop


Živorad M. Slavinski and Alda

Serious individuals which are interested in individual training and processing with Zivorad, or are interested in his literature, can use this telephone: + 381 11 27 51 518


Zagreb 7. i 8. studenog (oktobar)

Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski
kurs  za Trening Procesora PEATA
Mesto: “Galbanum” centar, Jalovečka 1 (Stenjevec)
11090 Zagreb
tel: +385 91 34 56 147   i  099 2215 444
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Belgrade October 27 – 28 – 29 TRAINERS TRAINING
I will lead the Trainers Training in Belgrade.
We will work in a little group, not more than 6 people.
When you master the Trainers Training, you will be able to lead your own workshops, training Processors of Spiritual Technology, and have the right to give your own Certificates to Processors which you trained.
The Training will be in my apartment.
The price for this Training is 800 €, paid in cash or adequate sum in other currency.
You will be able to rent a private apartment in Belgrade, which is cheaper than going to a hotel.
It will be a real adventure. As George Gurdjieff said: “If you want to continue spiritually developing, at one point you must start teaching other people.”
The language of the Training will be English.
Ask all information on my e-mail: or
or on tel: ++ 381 11 27 51 518