Experience with PEAT process

Friends and Mentors!
Dr. Forrest asked people to share an experience with the PEAT process. Last year I was able to clear my main duality of “Hanging on/ Letting go” through this technique. The next day I went for a walk and I found myself in a different reality. As I walked down a street, my path was actually covered with butterflies. As I put down a foot, a butterfly flew up. It was absolutely incredible. I was laughing and practically skipping down the street. At one point the butterflies circled my whole head area. I knew it was a sign for me that something powerful had happened!

The duality seemed to fit for me. I now feel much more connected to Spirit, knowing who I am on a more conscious level. I don’t feel the ups and downs that I previously held. I feel 100% committed to do my work and feel 100% supported in it.

I am at peace, though looking at some of the “outside” situations, it may not seem that I should feel that way. My husband has been out of work since October with downsizing. My mom made her transition the same month. Nothing outside of me is taking the peace away that I feel inside. It is very freeing. I have done a lot of work on myself, and I do not know what part PEAT has actually played, but I know it was a significant process.

Hope this helps! I appreciate all the sharing I have learned from each of you.

Thank you.

Abundant blessings!

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This is the post Judy Granit from Israel sent to spiritual-technology discussion list.


My name is Judy and I’m from Israel. A friend and I took a PEAT trainers course with Zivorad in October in Belgrade. The course was fascinating and I enjoyed it very much, even though my friend had a hard time getting her primes which made things rather intense.

I got my primes quite easily and they were knowledge and ignorance. The actual process was powerful and although I don’t remember much, I remember my arm shaking very hard and connecting to a lot of repressed anger. This shaking appeared every time I reached primes or polarities with others or myself for several times and then disappeared. Today, I processed another lady who had a lot of stored anger and she was practically convulsing – both she and I are experienced in all kinds of energy work and recognize this reaction, but this time it was really strong. She finished the process feeling very drained, purged and relaxed.

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